Christmas Tree Painting Two Ways

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We have another super simple and fun Christmas craft for you! This is excellent for kids of all ages, even toddlers! With just a few craft supplies, you can have Christmas tree painting fun!

Christmas Tree Painting

We have two super fun and easy ways to paint these Christmas tree printables. Both ways are beneficial for children to use as they will help strengthen skills.

These painting activities will help encourage the growth of fine motor skills because of the painting ‘tools’ that are being used. Holding them encourages muscles for tasks such as tying shoes, holding a pencil and using a zipper.

This Christmas activity will also help encourage creativity. This isn’t your typical paint brush painting, so children will need to use their imagination to see how it can work.

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Pom Pom Painting


Christmas Tree Template
Green and red paint
Brown crayon
Pom Poms
Two clothespins

Color the trunk of the tree brown.

Clip the clothespins onto each pom pom. Dip the one pom pom to the red paint (we used a red pom pom) and dab or stamp it to the lower part of the Christmas tree. Continue it until it’s enough.

Then, paint the middle part of the Christmas tree green. Continue to paint the top part of the Christmas tree red.

If you don’t have pom poms you could also use cotton balls, it will make bigger stamps, but will still work.

Painting With Vegetables

You will need just a few things for this activity.

Okra (or another vegetable)
Green paint
Christmas tree template

Print the tree template. Dip the okra onto the green paint.

Paint the Christmas tree template by dabbing or stamping it.

This is how we made this adorable craft, but remember that kids can add their own twist on the activity! You could use a variety of vegetables, add in other colors of paint to create ornaments, or use the okra like a rolling pin and roll on the paint.

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