Easy Christmas Sensory Bin for Older Babies

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Christmas is normally a time when we are constantly telling our kids, “No! Don’t touch that!” I know I have uttered those words a thousand times, especially when it comes to the Christmas tree! My daughter is ten months old, so you can assume how well that’s going (I’ll give you a hint: there’s a lot of ornaments on the floor right now.) Today, though, I encouraged Christmas touch with this Christmas Sensory Bin, and she had a blast!

This sensory bin is really simple to put together.

I started with a base of split peas. I used split peas both for their color, and the fact that if she ate some of them, it wouldn’t be a safety issue. I used two lbs of split peas for this sensory bin. I also used a bag of jingle bells, and a large bag of glittery pom-poms! The next part was my favorite thing to add to the bin; ornaments. I used shatterproof, plastic ornaments without hooks on them. This ensures that they’re safe and won’t harm your baby.

Remember, just because this is a sensory bin made with your baby in mind, you should NEVER leave your baby unattended when playing with it. Engage your baby in play. Ask him or her questions about the color of the items, about how they feel, talk to them about what each item is. I even made a point to hand items to her, and talk about them as well.

My daughter enjoyed this so much. First, she started off slowly by carefully touching the peas, and fondling the pom-poms. But, after about ten minutes, all apprehension had left, and she was IN the sensory bin. I allowed it, and had the best time! I would recommend doing this on a surface with a hard floor, so you can easily sweep afterward.

Enjoy the holidays with your little one. For a few minutes, let them touch, this Christmas season, and explore with their little hands and fingers. My daughter loved it, and I’m sure your little one will have a blast too! Make a Christmas sensory bin, and watch them light up with Christmas spirit.

About the Author:

Sammie is a wife, mom-of-two, and long-term lover of kids and hands-on activities! She loves learning through play, and allowing kids to learn without knowing they’re learning. She enjoys singing, reading, being outdoors, and going to the beach. She’s a jack (or Jane!) of all trades, and the master of none. She has project ADHD and can’t ever stick to creating the same thing over and over. She also believes that learning isn’t something boring, or something that fades with age, but is something that should happen every single day, for the rest of our lives!

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