Christmas Elves Number Line Sums For 1-10

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Math has never been my thing. After about 2nd grade it became not so easy and that just frustrated me. But I understand the importance of math and need my children to learn it. I need to push my past aside and teach my little ones all about math. That being said, I try my hardest to make sure the activities that we do are FUN. Number line activities don’t have to be plain, they can be super engaging with an exciting theme, like Christmas Elves!

Learn Number Line Sums With Christmas Elves

Many children need a visual aspect to be able to see how to do simple math. Number lines are fantastic for providing a mental strategy for both addition and subtraction.

These number mats have the cutest little elves. This is great to match with Elf on a Shelf or just Christmas in general.

We’ve included two different mats, one for addition and one for subtraction. Also included are 6 number cards, for 0-5.

You’ll need just a few supplies.

Dry Erase Markers

To prep, this activity, start by printing the pages.

Next, cut apart the number cards.

I like to laminate all parts to activities like this, to protect it from little hands and keep it around longer!

Next, you play.

This is a super fun Gingerbread craftivity for Christmas!

You can turn the number cards upside down and choose at random, or have your child choose the numbers.

Place the number cards in the squares on the number mats. Have the child put a dot on the dry erase marker on the number line, of the first number. Move the number of dots to represent the second number. This will either be up, for addition or down, for subtraction.

This is another fun dinosaur busy bag for simple math!

Alternate ideas:

You can also use a dry erase marker instead of the number cards. You can just write in the numbers instead of using the number cards.

You can also use the number cards as your answers.

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