20+ Chalk Art Ideas and Learning Activities for Kids

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Chalk art is such a fun way to be creative! It has a lovely texture, and many colors, and can be used to draw on almost any surface, which makes drawing on a huge canvas exciting and different. Here are some fun chalk art ideas and playful learning activities to try with chalk!

Chalk Art Ideas the Kids Will Love

For some fun on the sidewalk, try making these scented sidewalk chalk art paints! They’re a fun messy play activity for little kids wanting to have some color mixing, and sidewalk painting fun.

This very different, awesome activity involves creating your own floating chalk prints. Watch as your piece of paper amazingly gets its own print when dipped in some colorful chalk water!

Your child will love making and playing with this fun sensory fizzing sidewalk paint, kind of like chalk on steroids! Create colorful patterns and pictures with this fizzing fun activity.

Have some fun with black paper, and make these beautiful, striking art collages with heart chalk stencils. A nice change from the usual white paper, and a fun way to play with hearts!

Create lovely ocean scenes using chalk art and tempera. A lovely activity for slightly older children learning to blend colors and explore with textures.

Give your child a course in sea animals and draw a life-sized sea turtle with them, so that they can see how big they really can get!

Wet chalk art is a fun way of playing with chalk on a sidewalk, and allows your child to experiment with color mixing too!

Spray chalk splatter paint process art is an activity bound to keep your kids busy with creative fun!

Make use of all your old chalk pieces by making recycled chalk paint! Your kids will love the process and enjoy the final product!

For a fun outdoor science activity, teach your kids about whales by drawing a life-size whale with chalk art!

Have some colorful chalk art fun by making rainbow chalk hand prints. Young kids will love learning about the colors of the rainbow while making hand prints in the process.

For a bit of a difference from the usual colors, make silver and gold sidewalk chalk!

Playful Learning Activities Using Chalk

Have some sensory fun with chocolate, and make these frozen ABC chocolate chalk pieces. They’re fun, tasty, and messy, which will give your kids ages of fun!

Your preschoolers will love learning to write their name in this fun way – using chalk dust and a feather for writing!

Play this listen and spray counting game with your younger children who are learning number recognition. A fun fine motor activity as they use a spray bottle to spray certain numbers.

Your kids will love learning to count as they play this fun chalk art counting garden game! Put the right number of petals on each flower and count as you draw.

Have fun practicing your math skills with this sidewalk chalk art outdoor math game. This activity is a great way to make Maths and sums fun while teaching other Math concepts too.

Make this awesome DIY chalk table! It’s really easy, fun to use once made and a lovely change from the usual chalkboards kids are used to!

Try this fun way to practice your alphabet by making this sidewalk ABC chalk game. There are a few great game ideas your kids can play. Who said learning couldn’t be fun?!

Practice measuring skills in this fun activity, where you measure chalk drawings after you make them! A clever, creative activity which makes learning to use a tape measure or measuring tool fun.

Have some messy play fun while learning letters using splash balls. Try a few different games to help your child learn letter recognition, or how to spell her name.

Use chalk board emotions to teach your child about emotions! A cute, clever way to discuss emotions with young kids while having creative fun.

There are so many creative ways to play with chalk! What are your favorite chalk art ideas and learning activities? I’d love to hear what your kids love!

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