Cat Bingo

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My girls just love anything cat so I often incorporate this into our games! Today I have a lovely cat themed bingo set which I created after an order of these just gorgeous cat shaped wooden buttons arrived.

I thought it very fitting!

As with all bingo sets this one is super easy to use. Print out the pages, cut out the page labeled cards and find yourself something to use as markers.

Shuffle the cards and show one at a time. The kids place a button on the matching cat and the first one to get 4 in a row shouts BINGO!

My younger kids love to just fill the bingo cards without doing the 4 in a row wins thing. Filling the card is the win for them 😉

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These cute cat buttons are available on amazon here.

I’ve been thinking of making something else we can use these buttons with too. If you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments!

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