Carrot Stamping

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Today I am SUPER excited to be apart of the launch team for NurtureStore’s new ebook: Super Sensory Invitations to Play!

I went ahead and picked an activity from the book to do today with the kids.

Carrots Stamps!!

This one is rather simple. Grab some carrots, get cutting! Cathy (NurtureStore) has a bunch of ideas for this activity but we decided to make shorter stamps because the bunnies really wanted their carrots!

I carved a few shapes in the carrots add a bit of paint and the kids went stamping 🙂

Yes, that is a chalkboard table under there! 😉

A bit of color overlapping plus a cute pinky in the air.

These more delicate carving would have been perfect with an ink pad as the paint didnt keep shapes as well. But no matter, stamping things is always fun. My 6 year old made a snowman. (not pictured)

My 5 year old just went stamping crazy. He just had to try out EVERY single one.

I tossed the paint stamps and then we headed outside with the extra carrots and cut offs. The bunnies were pleased.

We saved a few carrot tops for our next adventure. Growing things!

Buy it now! Click here:

Buy it now! Click here:

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