Bunny Finger Puppet Fun

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Wooohooo! It is time for another awesome fine motor friday idea!

This week we have been playing with a bunny theme and made some bunny finger puppets.

To make this cute bunny finger puppet you will need:

  • Color masking tape or thicker washi tape will work too! This is the one in the image but they have an entire line of decorative tapes.
  • Yarn for the whiskers
  • Scissors (we love these for the kids)
  • Pen / Sharpie

Fold your tape over so it sticks to itself, this will give you the area for ears. Make this to whichever size you desire. Cut! Bunnies have long ears. 😉

Leave a larger section for sticking the whiskers on and space for the finger.

Once the kids have added the whiskers draw a little face on their finger and stick the bunny to the top of the finger as displayed below.

There you have it! A rather quick fine motor activity and some fun bunny puppets!

I must say I had a very hard time getting some pictures to show this little guy in action. The kids were gleefully wiggling fingers at me and each other. Not even a “show Mommy your craft” worked for a still picture. 🙂


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