Build a Snowman Activity Tray

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Keeping kids busy, encouraging creativity, building fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills…that’s what we hope for with an activity for our kids right? This fun, simple, and inexpensive activity can deliver all of those with a fun winter theme, build a snowman!

Build a Snowman Activity Tray

Supplies Needed:

  • Styrofoam cups
  • googly eyes
  • orange and brown pipe cleaners
  • fabric strips
  • odd socks
  • Markers
  • craft glue

How to put your activity together:

To create this fun  Build a Snowman Activity Tray  I like to grab one of these relish trays from the Dollar store. It is a great way to offer up all the supplies so that each item can clearly be seen and spark creativity.

I popped my styrofoam cups in the center, you can go with one size or add several for variety.

Cut orange pipe cleaners into quarters then fold each in half to make them stronger for your “carrot” nose.  Cut brown pipe cleaners in half, these make great stick arms for the snowman.

To make hats I set out empty k cup containers and I cut the bottom 3″-4″ off some colorful odd socks we had to create winter caps.

Cut strips of felt, fabric, and ribbon to make scarves.

Add each element to your tray- glue, googly eyes, pipe cleaner pieces, ribbons for scarves, socks, and some markers to add other elements to the snowmen.

A black sharpie is perfect for creating buttons and a mouth.

The tray becomes a creation station for an entire horde? group? bunch? or army? Whatever you want to call them, of snowmen.

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