Build a LEGO Catapult

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My 6 year old loves his LEGO® and when our new series we are taking part in called learning with manipulatives made this week LEGO® week I was super excited! (do check the bottom of this post for the wealth of ideas!)

We decided on making a catapult. Now i’ve seen him make a few in the past and I was impressed with his design idea to make the catapult work smoothly. I asked him to make another catapult and this is what happened.

LEGO® is great for fine motor skills and encouraging creativeness while building with the imagination in mind. Lets just say my 6 year old is always playing with his LEGO.

How to BUILD a Catapult!

First use a largish base plate for the base.

Build up your sides to the desired height and gather 5 long 2×8 plates these will make your leaver. Either use a crows nest or build your own basket for shooting 1×1 bricks or lego men.

The secret to making this catapult work is 2 tire/wheel parts! (minus the tire!)

This gives it its tilt.

Arg.. there be pirates!

My 6 year old also decided to use this as a balance beam to see who weighed more. 3 LEGO® dudes or 2 bricks. For this to be a scale type thing you will have to make the device even though with a basket on each side. But it isn’t bad for a random idea when we haven’t done much weight measuring before.

He then proceeded to catapult/shoot bad guys from the roof of his pirates house.

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