Fun and Frugal Bubble Wrap Painting

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Bubble wrap is such a fun material to play with! Popping it is a blast, but did you know that you can paint with it too? Bubble wrap painting is a fun and frugal way to pass the time, while also allowing kids to be creative and use their imaginations.

Bubble Wrap Painting for Kids

Look below at this fun and frugal bubble wrap painting activity, and see how you can use bubble wrap to create your next masterpiece!

Supplies needed:

construction paper
assorted craft paints
paint brush or sponge
bubble wrap

The nice thing is, if you order things online often they often come with bubble wrap. You can use this wrap for this project or you can purchase it in the office supplies section at your local dollar store. It doesn’t matter how big the bubbles are. Any size bubble wrap will do for this project.


1. Begin by protecting your space. A plastic tablecloth or old newspaper can help keep your surface clean and protected. Smocks may also be a good idea.

2. Place your craft paints on paper plates. This way the colors will be easily accessible. Put one color per plate.

3. Next, use your paint brush or sponge to apply the paint to the bubble wrap. Just dab it on in a semi thick layer. You want to make sure it covers the bubbles well.

4. If you want to use multiple colors, you can. Just use a clean brush or sponge to apply a different color to a different area of the bubble wrap.

5. Turn the bubble wrap over and press it to your construction paper. Gently press then lift. You will notice the cool bubble designs on the paper! Repeat as you wish until you have the design you want.

Place the creation in a sunny window to dry. Once your paint is dry, you are free to display!

This bubble wrap painting activity is a fun way to paint. Gather your bubble wrap and paints and give it a try. You will find that no two pieces of artwork turn out the same, and your results are sure to be creative and colorful!

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