Big Letter Little Letter Stamping

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The theme this week for our learning with manipulatives series that was are taking part in is Alphabet Stamps!

I made the kids some printables which I think we will be able to use with all our ABC learning as its just so much fun!

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Gather your supplies:

  • printable set
  • ink pad
  • abc stamps
  • pencils / crayons

Print out the pages that you need for your activity. Personally I recommend only a few at a time for those just starting out. I printed 3 for this activity and my son only completed 2 pages.

These printable abc worksheets would also make a great addition to your abc themes or letter weeks.

The goal of this activity is to encourage the child to stamp the correct letter case in the corresponding letter on the paper. My older preschooler got it but my younger preschool is still very much in the start of her letter learnings.

Plus the kids just love stamping things!

The second half of the printable abc worksheet is to encourage the preschooler to think of items beginning with the letters and then to draw an image.

My older preschooler only got this half way and drew something that didn’t start with a b. But that’s ok!

His A on the other hand was rather cute. He drew an apple and then started to draw an ant then told me that the caterpillar wanted to eat the apple instead. I blame the hungry caterpillar book!

Those are seeds in the apple if you are wondering.

I rather enjoyed our new printable abc worksheets and I can see us using some more in the furture. We might color them, or paint them or stick things onto them to change up the structure every now and again.

I hope you like them too!

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