Best Wooden Toys for 1 year olds

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Wooden toys are always first on my want list when I need to buy gifts, there is just something warm and durable about them.

Here are a few of my choice picks for Wooden Educational Toys for 1 Year Olds.

Wooden Educational Toys for 1 Year Olds

Wooden Rattle

We have the lady bug like this and it has survived 4 kids! That’s now saying something. It is great to look at and examine the design for the kids as it makes a rattle. 😉 see it here.

Hammer & Ball Set

This toy is recommended for ages 2+ but my 12 month old will gladly pick the balls up and put them in the trays to roll down. She will as she gets older start using the hammer. It is definitely a toy to grow with. see it here.

Bead Maze

Little ones generally want to taste everything. Having the bead maze lets the toddlers explore the beads without them actually eating them. This is also a great plus for those fine motor skills! see more here.

Jumbo Knob Wooden Farm Puzzle

These jumbo knob puzzles make great into puzzles for 1 year olds! see more here.

Color and Shape Sorter

This is a simple starter sorter and is great to feel and well, start sorting with! see more here.

First Vehicles Set

Ahh wheels. Whether you have a boy or a girl they will love inspecting wheels and watching them turn. this set is durable because it is wood. see more here.

Rainbow Stacker

Melissa and Doug make such a range of lovely wooden things! There rainbow stackers are great for this age. see more here.

Twisting Insect

This twisting insect will provide much fine motor work and it is just fascinating to observe little ones twist these things! see more here.

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