Letter J Craft: Jellyfish

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Help children learn about the letter of the week with this letter J craft for jellyfish! It is a cute way to learn more about the letter J while creating a whimsical jellyfish that kids will love.

Letter J Craft – Supplies 

You can help children with a variety of skills with this simple craft. You’ll need a few simple supplies to get ready for your letter J craft:

  • letter J printable
  • ribbon or yarn
  • pair of googly eyes
  • craft glue
  • scissors
  • construction paper
  • optional crayons or colored pencils

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J Is For Jellyfish – Preparation

You can follow these instructions, but remember to have children add their own flair on their jellyfish, as well!

Begin by printing out the letter J craft template.

You can color in the letter with your choice of crayons or colored pencils, if you wish.

Cut out the letter for your craft. Create the head of the jellyfish from your construction paper in a coordinating color. You can simply freehand the jelly head shape, cutting out a muffin top shape.

Glue the head to the top of the letter J.

Add a pair of googly eyes to complete the face of the jellyfish.

Finish the letter J craft by gluing strands of ribbon or yarn under the head. Hold in place until secure. If using wrapping paper ribbon you can use scissors to curl it.

It’s Time to Display Your Jolly Jellies!

Once your pieces are dry, your letter j craft is ready to be displayed! Can you think of other words or animals that start with the letter J? See if you can make a list! Take it a step further by discussing which animals are mammals, insects, amphibians, birds, fish, or reptiles. 

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