Bear Sees Colors Color Hunt for Toddlers

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Today’s activity is all about showing your toddler some love and also giving them a little attention when it comes to intentional learning. One of the first things that we start teaching our toddlers or even babies, is colors.  A really fun way to help your child identify colors even with different shades or color hues is by going on a color hunt. Set your little one off on our Bear Sees colors color hunt activity.

In Bear Sees Colors by Karma Wilson bear is on a walk with mouse and discovers lovely colors all around them. It made the perfect inspiration for a book based activity- our color hunt activity for toddlers and preschoolers.

Bear Sees Colors Inspired Color Hunt Activity

A color hunt is an easy and inexpensive activity, and all you need to create your own color hunt is:

  • a basket, box, or bag (any container will do)
  • colored paper or craft foam
  • a willing tot learning their colors

This Bear Sees Colors Inspired Color hunt is super easy to put together and is really fun for your littles!

Your color hunt can take you outdoors just like bear and mouse or inside- so it’s perfect for rainy afternoon’s or to use as a way to burn off some excess energy (we all know toddlers have an abundance of that). Even preschoolers who already know their colors can really enjoy this fun activity.

To go on a color hunt I just provided my little one with a basket to gather their items in and laid out a sheet of paper in each color we are working on. If you are outdoors you can weigh it down with a rock to keep it in place.

Give your child some simple instructions for hunting for items in the colors,  then bringing them back and placing them on the corresponding paper.

Help them understand the concept that some items have more than one color as you can see we did here.

You can raid the toy box for all the colors you are looking for, let your little one enjoy their color scavenger hunt all over the house, or find items outdoors like rocks, flowers, grass, etc…

Color – Give learning a burst of color with these bright themed activities!

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