Beaded Flowers for Fine Motor Skills

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Last week I was sorting though some craft supplies and came across a pack of pearler beads. The kids were eager to use them so I grabbed some extra supplies and off we went!

I cut a yellow pipe cleaner for the center into 4, and looped each into itself to make a circle. I then cut the green pipe cleaners in half and the same with the red and white ones. You can make the red / white any color you want though.

For the stem I wrapped a green half pipe cleaner on the yellow circle.

I did this again with a red pipe cleaner and threaded a bunch of red beads onto it then looped it back and twisted the red around the yellow.

After seeing me make myself a flower my preschoolers were eager to make their own. I gave them completed middle and stem pipe cleaners and they wrapped petals the yellow circle.

Excellent fine motor work with picking up the beads (pincer) and then threading them on to the pipe cleaners and then figuring out how many they had to thread to fill their petal.

They then secured the petal to the yellow middle circle.You are able to fit 4 or 5 petals on each flower.

The next logical step was to thread the stem too! 🙂

These are great to hang in a window or make a few and fill a little vase.

Another idea is to use these as the decor on the front of a card for say mothers day.

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