Balloon Learning Activities For Preschoolers

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These fun Balloon Learning Activities are ones that preschoolers will love. This entertaining theme will be perfect around a celebration time like a birthday or even the 100th day of school!

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Having a fun theme is extra engaging for kids. While they think they are simply playing, they are actually learning important skills they need to move forward with their education and development.

Balloon Hunt

Going on a balloon hunt is just like an I Spy game. This is excellent for color recognition, but also for identification, short term memory and visual discrimination. Kids will search for each color, and count each one, then write the number found on the line next to the color. You can also use tally marks if that’s easier.

To go along with these Balloon Learning Activities, this Balloon Quiet Book is also so fun!

Have your kids ever painted with a balloon? Literally, they can paint these balloons with a balloon. Fill the balloon with water or air and dip it in the paint to paint this picture. It is going to create giggles and squeals, I can see it now!

Simple Addition

This is a simple addition activity that is perfect for preschoolers. They can count the balloons to help them figure out what the answer to the problem is. There is even space to write the numbers underneath each set of balloons, to help them expand their addition skills.

Color Pages

Coloring pages are included in this set also. While this may just seem like fun, coloring is a great activity to strengthen skills for kids. Creativity is accelerated when kids color. Kids will strengthen their color recognition skills. Coloring is also great for fine motor skill strengthening and hand eye coordination. So grab your crayons and get coloring! (Plus this is a great calming activity!)

These activities are going to be so fun for preschoolers. They will learn so much but they will think that they’re just playing. The balloons make it feel like even more of a celebration!

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