Back To School Paper Doll

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Playing dress up and pretend play is always a win with little ones. Making up stories and being creative is a great use of these paper dolls. It is also fantastic to use this Back To School paper doll set to help ease back to school anxiety.

Back To School Paper Dolls

Paper dolls are not just for fun, they are beneficial for children’s development, too! Playing with paper dolls is much like dress up, but on a different level.

Playing with paper dolls benefits oral communication skills, auditory development and of course creativity. When children tell a story with their paper dolls, it is increasing oral communication. Narrating what they are imagining that they see and hear. They can use new words, new places, new characters and different situations that may not be part of a child’s actual life.

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Using these paper dolls can also help children with emotions and anxiety. If your children are going through something hard or are anxious about what could be happening in their lives, they can talk it out with the paper dolls. Adult companionship can help with this process even more.

Prepping This Activity

After printing the pieces of this activity, the next part is to cut every part out. Using scissors to cut out each outfit, person, accessory and more.

There are pages for the female dolls as well as the male dolls. Then there is one sheet with typical female clothing and accessories, with dresses and bows and a backpack, just to name a few. There is also the male clothing, that includes a jacket, backpack and a few hats.

Using This Activity

There is absolutely no right or wrong way to play with these paper dolls. Children can use them to pretend, create stories and play however they would like.Also check out Grocery Store Pretend Play.

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