Baby & Toddler Easter Eggs Activity

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These plastic Easter eggs are always a fascination for my baby and toddler when I bring them out. The older kids are doing all sorts of learning activities with them and here she is wanting to join in but is way too young to. I came up with a little activity for her to do with these eggs that is so simple I was even wondering if I should take pictures to show it! ha!

Baby & Toddler Easter Eggs Activity Materials

  • One large tray for real eggs (empty)
  • A handful of various color plastic eggs closed

Nestle the eggs into the egg tray and present to your older baby / toddler to inspect. They will love removing them and rearranging them in the tray.

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If your child is more towards the older toddler age / preschooler area this idea is adaptable to them too! 

Do some color sorting! Either in rows or in batches. If your eggs also happen to be rainbow colored make a rainbow too! 😉

I also found a picture from last year where we also did this activity!

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