Awesome Self Published Books for Kids

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Today I want to talk about a little something near and dear to me. Sharing activities that you can do with your kids, sharing ideas and concepts whether in a child’s story book, a how to book or in the chapter form of a self help / parenting book.

Many of us have taken to blogging to share these ideas (as I have) some of us have spent many months preparing an ebook and sometimes we even go that extra 120 miles and put the book into print.

Today I want to support my fellow kid bloggers and showcase these self published works. Because I know just how hard it is to get these books out there in the world and get your awesome ideas noticed.

What is self publishing?

This is when an author takes it onto themselves to have their book designed, printed as well as marketed. A self published author does not have a large publishing company helping them. A self publishing author is usually a one wo/man show.

Why do people self publish?

Most times this is the easiest way to actually get your book printed. Publishing houses (the places that make books) are hard to even pitch an idea to never mind even landing a deal with them. Also if you are looking to print a co-authored book self publishing is your best bet. I will also add in that self publishing authors themselves would make a better return monetary wise by self publishing.

Self Published Books for Kids

Ok, so I am going to come right out and say this. You NEED a copy on your bookshelf stat. 😉 Here is a list in no particular order. I will be adding as I find more authors. (If you are a self published author in the kids section do send me an email to be considered to be added!)


99 Fine Motor Ideas

The Hands Have It! Squeezing Play Dough, Fastening Buttons, Snipping with Scissors, and So Much More

Learn with Play: 150+ Activities for Year-round Fun & Learning

A GIANT COLLECTION OF HANDS-ON KIDS ACTIVITIES. The perfect book to have on hand for inspiring you on holidays, weekends, or anytime the kids just need something to do! A fun mix of hands-on fun with learning, celebrating, and appreciating family time.

The Curious Kid’s Science Book: 100+ Creative Hands-On Activities for Ages 4-8

The 100+ hands-on activities in the book use household items to playfully teach important science, technology, engineering, and math skills. Each creative activity includes age-appropriate explanations and (when possible) real life applications of the concepts covered.

35 Awesome Kinetic Sand Activities for Kids

This book focuses on simple, low preparation activities that encourage pretend play, creativity, fine motor skills, and finally, math and literacy learning. Here’s what you’ll find inside 35 Awesome Kinetic Sand Activities for Kids: – Simple activities that use only two or three materials – Three full color photos per activity – Minimum of two variations per activity

Cooperative Activities for Kids: 12 Playful Activities to Get Kids Working and Moving Together

The book includes: colorful photographs of each activity, materials lists, easy-to-read instructions, extensions and variations for a variety of ages and skill-levels -Activities that address a wide range of skills: social, cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, sensory processing.


Bambini Field Guide: Mini adventures to explore with children

A brief introduction to the kind of mini adventures that are easy and important for the youngest bambini who are forming a picture of the world in their minds. Practical tips for before, during, and after adventures along with 12 adventure ideas. Everything you need to start learning through adventure with your child today!


50 Animal Crafts for little kids

50 Animal Crafts for Little Kids will inspire you and your children to make a wide range of animal crafts using common materials. They will love the paper plate pig, the clothespin butterflies and the paper bag elephant puppet! Easy step-by-step instructions are provided for each simple craft with helpful color photographs to guide you through the project. So grab those cardboard tubes, paper plates, pom poms and paint, and get crafting with your child today!


A Year of Educational Quiet Bins: The secret to peaceful days at home with kids.

Discover an entire year of educational Quiet Bins inside this book. Quiet Bins are simple, independent, and engaging activities that have a gentle structure. Better still, each of the Quiet Bins in this book are educational and developed by a teacher, focusing on targeted learning skills such as creative thinking, letters, numbers, and strengthening hands for future writing.

Reading & Story

Nemo and Giraffe

“Nemo was an indoor cat who had never been outside. But Nemo wasn’t alone on the inside; – Nemo had a very unique best friend. Nemo’s best friend wasn’t a cat, a fish or rat, Nemo’s best friend was a Giraffe!” This is a delightful tale of friendship and how anyone can be friends no matter how different they may seem.

Sophia’s Jungle Adventure: A Fun and Educational Kids Yoga Story

Join Sophia on her jungle adventure! Fly like a toucan, slither like a snake, and flutter like a butterfly as you act out this journey through a Costa Rican jungle. What else might you see?

Kids Yoga Stories introduce you to engaging characters who will get your child laughing, moving, and creating. Reading is good for the mind AND body! The story links several yoga poses in a specific sequence to create a coherent and meaningful story.


Book Love: Help Your Child Grow from Reluctant to Enthusiastic Reader

Activities and product recommendations to facilitate letter recognition, rhyming, sight word skills, phonics, and fluency. – Approaches for improving word attack and reading comprehension. – Book lists organized by kids’ interests. – Printable sight word flashcards and word strategy bookmarks. Packed with practical, bite-sized ideas that get children reading and loving books, Book Love can be your go-to guide for reading help for kids.

On Kindle

Rice Play: 25+ Learn & Play Ideas for Colored Rice

This color rice book is an amazing resource with over 25 activity and craft ideas for toddlers featuring great photos, easy to follow instructions, a NO-FAIL color rice recipe PLUS each idea can easily be done at home! Or get the ebook version!

Activities For Kids with Homemade Toys: Easy Projects Using only Household Items

The Preschool Journey

The Preschool Journey is a hands-on preschool curriculum to help parents prepare their child for kindergarten. It includes 26 weeks of lesson plans and 50 pages of printables. I highly recommend the ebook version as well!


Montessori at Home or School: How to Teach Grace and Courtesy

Montessori at Home or School: How to Teach Grace and Courtesy is a bit like “Montessori meets Miss Manners.” In Montessori, grace and courtesy is seen as an important part of a child’s education and an important part of meeting a child’s inner needs. The Montessori method provides a framework that can effectively be used with one child or a group of children.


STEAM: Preschool Activities for STEM Enrichment

STEAM is the traditional STEM + Art. This ebook is packed with creative ways to integrate STEM disciplines into everyday fun and learning for preschoolers. This ebook is for you if you have a child or teach children around three-to-five years old and you are looking for ideas to integrate science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics into every day play and learning. The ebook includes 30+ Hands On Minds On activities to compliment and enrich preschool learning.


Sew Together Grow Together: Sewing Projects for Parents and Children

Sew Together Grow Together is a collection of hand-sewing projects developed over twenty years in classes and workshops for children.The projects are designed for arenas to make with or for their children and can be easily made in a single afternoon. The projects are suitable for children as young as five and for adults with no previous sewing experience.


When Baby Becomes Big Sibling: Thriving Through The Transitions That Come When Adding Another Baby To Your Family

A fun and relatable book covering many of the challenges confronting a mother preparing to have another baby. Real-life ideas for helping the toddler know what to expect, tips for handling regression in the older child, and logistics for life with more than one baby. Get ready for a light-hearted and funny book that shares stories from the author’s transition into a family of four with her own delightfully rambunctious toddler. A must-read for the expectant mama or the recent mother of more than one baby!

Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness: Mom Stories from the Trenches

Chicken Soup for the Soul meets The Confessions of a Scary Mommy in this heart-warming anthology!

“The brilliant Lisa Nolan and her band of moms came out with Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness to remind us that motherhood is an action-packed, non-stop, unpredictable quest where there is no room for ubiquitous norms.

“This book will make you smile and laugh until you hurt… it is perfect for any new or seasoned mother. Heck, even dads will find this book to be pure gold.

Potty Train in a Weekend

This book will help you to have your child potty trained in three days! It is the only complete guide to potty training that you will need. In this book, you will learn the secret to potty training in three days, how to deal with hurdles such as: ‘They won’t poop on the potty!” or “They were using the potty, but now they are having accidents all of the time!” (regression).


25 Christmas Science Projects for Kids

Bring school back to life with a Christmas twist on classic science experiments!

Make snow, bend candy canes, erupt Christmas colors, discover what Christmas plant is a natural pH indicator, experiment with Christmas lights, grow crystal icicles, make Santa Boogers (aka red slime), explore the antics of ice, and so much more!!


Merry Memories: Holiday Traditions to Start with Your Family

Merry Memories: Holiday Traditions to Start with Your Family is a Christmas e-book full of recipes, crafts, and activities to create a magical Holiday for the whole family.

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