Apple Seed Counting Busy Bag

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My kids LOVE anything apple related whether it is an actual apple, a busy bag, painting one or reading about it in a favorite book.

Last week I made a simple apple busy bag with modifications for the ages of my children.

To make the apple busy bag

  1. Red felt cut to an apple type shape. I make mine the size of my hand so that many pom poms could fit on it.
  2. Green felt in a leaf shape.
  3. Black pom poms to represent apple seeds. alternative you could use are pony beads, but only if your child is older and won’t eat them. they are also more tricky to pick up with the tools. I supplied 20+ black pom poms for this busy bag.
  4. Fine motor tools. I have the classic pincer tool and a peg both will work great for your fine motor aspect.
  5. Counting tools. I have used 2 dice which they can roll and count or my  felt number set which they randomly pick from.
  6. Busy bag bag to keep your apple counting game in. Alternative to this is using a plastic zip bag.

Cut your red felt and hot glue the leaf to it.

Present your apple counting busy bag to the kids to play with! I like to use trays to contain activities and to stop the kids from fighting with over each others activity.

My younger preschooler used the felt number set and counted out her pom poms. The dice are for my older preschooler to add up then count out his pom pom apple seeds.

My toddler could even use this busy bag minus a few parts and I plan to let her have a go at it this week. She would simple use her fingers (pincer gasp) to move the pom poms from the tray to the apple. We will then count them. Right now she totally loves the posting form of play so I am going to have to make a game soon for that too!

This apple busy bag is great for fine motor skills and counting as well as basic addition with the use of 2 dice. It is a great addition to my busy bag collection!

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