Apple Color Mixing Science Experiment

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My kids love science experiments especially if it involves reactions. This week in the virtual book club we read the book ten apples up on top. The book is already a favorite of my one son who loves all things numbers so having to count on each and every page is just a delight for him.

I decided to go with an apple themed experiment for the other kids after we saw the page where the “big crash” happened and all the apples were every where.

Gather your supplies:

  • Trays
  • A3 sheets of paper (preferred)
  • White school glue
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Food coloring in red, yellow and green
  • Containers to hold liquid
  • 3 Eye droppers

This activity is easy to setup. We have used both the wet method and the dry method. Meaning dry glue and wet glue. On sheet of paper, I used a large A3 sheet, draw the outlines of apples. Optionally include the leaves or stems to make it look more apple like. Do this in a tray so that you can collect the excess powder.

Next sprinkle baking soda over your glue apples generously.  Give the tray a little shake to make sure it is all covered.

Gently lift the paper up and let the excess baking soda slide off on to the tray. Put the page somewhere flat to either dry or be used immediately.

Store the excess baking soda for another page or later science experiments.

Add a little vinegar to containers with a few drops of food coloring. Red, yellow and green as recommend. Supply an eyedropper per color.

Set out the activity for the kids. I have once again used trays to contain any mess that might happen. Spreading newspapers might help as well. The kids drip the vinegar colors onto the apples and it fizzes!

This is a great reaction science experiment! Encourage the kids to mix the colors in the apples as they drip one color at a time. Do the colors mix well?

These pages don’t keep very well though as the kids tend to get very carried away with their mixing and fizzing.

Here is our PLAY video!

Looking for more apple / book themed activities?

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VIRTUAL BOOK CLUB HOSTS: Plus we’re inviting you to visit our Virtual Book Club for Kids cohosts sites for additional activity ideas all about Apples.  I’m featuring below here for you to go check out and get ideas for your preschooler ages 2-5.


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