Animal Activities Kids Will Love

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Most kids love animals, don’t they? They love animal activities like learning about their habitats, what they eat, what sounds they make and what they are named.

It’s not just about what the adult animals are called, but what their babies are called too. This Mama and Baby Animal Activities pack is the perfect way to strengthen skills while introducing mama animals and their baby animal names. 

Animal Activities 

These activities are structured as a literacy and creativity activity. Each page has a picture of the mama and babies, the names of both in traceable words, and the sound that the animal makes.

Each one has a different color border, but the rest is black and white. This allows children to bring their own creativity to the page. 

The animals included are: 

Dog & Puppy
Cat & Kitten
Goat & Kid
Horse & Colt
Bear & Cub
Deer & Fawn
Tiger & Cub
Frog & Tadpole
Giraffe & Calf
Ostrich & Chick

Camel & Calf
Chicken & Chick
Pig & Piglet
Sloth & Cub
Penguin & Chick
Monkey & Infant
Snake & Snaklet
Cow & Calf
Sheep & Lamb
Elephant & Calf 

Grab the pencils and crayons and get started on these animal activities pages. You can let your child choose which one they would like to start with or go in alphabetical order.

They can practice writing the words of the mama and baby and then color in the picture of each. They could even draw a scene of their habitat in the background, there is plenty of room.

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While kids work on their animal activities, you can talk about where they live, what they eat, how they sound, and even what it would be like to have them as a pet. 

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