Alphabet Tracing Printables

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Is your little one ready to practice writing letters or start working on handwriting? This Alphabet Tracing Printable is the perfect place to start. Whether your child has been writing and needs extra help, or if your child has never written a letter before, these Alphabet Tracing Printables can be helpful!

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Alphabet Tracing Printables

This alphabet tracing printable is the perfect prewriting activities for preschoolers and kindergartners. Prewriting is the first step for children before they learn to write. This precursor skill is necessary and also helps strengthen a variety of other skills.

Prewriting can help with fine motor skills and the strength of both the whole hand and individual fingers. These are necessary for being able to properly hold a pencil.

Hand eye coordination and bilateral coordination are also strengthened with prewriting activities. These coordination skills are also necessary for being able to write.

Prewriting activities can also help children expand focus and build their attention span, which is important for allowing themselves to learn new things.

This letter tracing activity itself will help children strengthen letter recognition and beginning sound skills as well.

How To Use This Activity

There are 26 pages in this printable set, one for each letter. Each page contains the same information and concepts: one for each letter of the alphabet.

At the top of the page is an example of the letter, in both upper and lowercase, as well as a beginning sound word. For instance “Aa is for astronaut”. Below this is a picture of the word, so in this case a picture of an astronaut. The picture is also in dotted lines, so it can be traced as well. Below the picture is space for the children to trace over the actual letter, multiple times, in both upper and lowercase.

Once the alphabet tracing worksheet is completed, children can color it as well.

All you have to do to prep this alphabet tracing set is print them out. If you would like to use them over and over, or with a whole class, laminating is a great way to do this!

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