All Inclusive Summer Calendar – A 13 Page Printable Set

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Summer is bittersweet. It is so much fun to spend time with our kids and families, doing fun things, enjoying warm weather and each other. That being said, without school there is not a major routine. Attitudes, whining, and chaos can easily get out of hand. Quicker than we would like to imagine.

One thing that I learned a few years ago was to ensure that we have a summer routine. Although it may be less rigorous and strict than during the school year, a routine is important none the less. I have found that having different goals for my kids to reach, it helps to keep a routine going without seeming intense.

That is why I created this Summer Calendar Bundle. I couldn’t keep the summer gold to myself, I have to share with all of you!

Summer Calendar Bundle

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What Is Included

We have included lists that help with learning, chores, activities and more. The reason behind this is kids will play, we don’t need to encourage that all that much, but doing things like reading and chores may not come super easy. These charts can come with an incentive or not, that is completely your choice. So what’s included?

Page 1: Summer Bucket List
Page 2: Summer Reading List
Page 3-5: June through August Block Style Calendar
Page 6: June through August List Style Calendar
Page 7-9: Monthly Activity Lists
Page 10: Learning List
Page 11: Weekly Chore List
Page 12: Daily Chore List
Page 13: Back To School Countdown

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Supplies Needed

You won’t need much for these printable calendars, but I do have a few ideas that have worked for our family.

The first step is to print off the pages that you need, if you need all of them – that’s great. If you think only a select few will work for your family, only print those.

The first option is to print off the sets and write on them with a pen. For the weekly lists/charts, you can reprint new pages each week.

The second option, and the one that we have chosen to work best for our family, is to print them off individually and laminate them. This way we don’t have to reprint the weekly pages each week and if we make a mistake or want to change something on the monthly pages, it is not a big deal at all. Once they are laminated, we just use a dry erase marker.

Either way, these calendars and lists will be so helpful for keeping your summer on track!

Enjoy Your Summer

This printable set is the most fantastic way to help you stay sane this summer yet keep your kids on track with a simple routine. This simple routine is not as strict as a school year routine but it will still keep your kids busy enough that they won’t go stir crazy or start whining. It’s a win win!! It also keeps kids brains working, through reading and simple learning activities, while still being able to enjoy their summer!

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