All Around The World: About India

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Did you see our All Around The World: About the Philippines? This is our next activity set All Around The World about India. This is another fascinating country that your kids will enjoy learning about! I love teaching my children about different countries and cultures and my kids love it too!

All Around The World: About India


For young children, we might not want to dive in too deep, but teaching fun, simple facts is a great place to start!

This All Around The World: About India printable set includes:

  • Color The Flag: A page with a black and white flag, with instructions of which parts of the flag to color and which color it needs.
  • National Outfit: Visual example of the national outfits as well as the name of them. There is also a space for children to trace the words.
  • Color The Map: This has a black and white outline of the country that can be colored. There are also important buildings or landmarks listed as well.
  • National Symbols: This page includes national fruit, national animal, and national flower. There are black and white images that can be colored as well as the name of each object in tracing form so children can trace the word.
  • How To Speak? This page has a few words in both English and the national language, India being Hindi. The words include: Hello, Thank You, and Goodbye. Each of the words are in traceable form.

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These activities are the such a simple but engaging way to help children learn a little about India. Each page is not overwhelming, but will give a little taste to the differences between the United States and India.

Prepping This Activity

This activity is super simple to prep. It will take you no time at all. Simply print and your kids can start playing! They can use crayons or any other coloring utensil of their choice.

When they are done with the pages, you could laminate them or put them in a folder so they can reference them later!

Extending The Activity

It would be super fun to have a foreign country week and do a different country each day. There are multiple, inexpensive ways that you could transform your home into a ‘foreign country’ in no time. Here are some of my ideas:

  • Play music from the country
  • Play documentaries about the country (YouTube, Discovery Kids, etc)
  • Eat a meal or snack from that country
  • Even play dress up, with items in your home, to resemble outfits from that country


Learning about other countries is interesting and exciting! Kids will love this activity!

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