All About Birds Printable Learning Pack

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Birds are fascinating creatures. How they build their homes, how they can bounce around but then fly, and how they find their food. This All About Birds Learning Activity Pack is centered around these fascinating animals: Birds.

Providing engaging learning activities is something I strive for. I want my children to WANT to learn. This can be difficult for some children, but fun games can help. This bird themed printable pack is full of learning activities that kids will love!

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What’s Inside The Egg?

Did you know all of these terms? I sure didn’t until I looked it up for this activity. See, even adults can learn something with this pack! This page will label the parts of an egg, which is where birds come from. It’s pretty fitting, isn’t it?

Bird Life Cycle

Another bird themed STEM worksheet is this Life Cycle Of A Bird. It goes stage by stage and shows how a bird starts as an egg and ends up a flying & surviving animal.

Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension can be difficult for some children. This simple reader & corresponding questions helps children practice the concept!

Dot To Dot

Grab your favorite writing tool and have your child do this birds nest dot to dot. This is a simple and creative activity that will also help strengthen number recognition and fine motor skills. Tracing from one dot to another is great for practicing drawing correct lines, which is necessary for writing.

Cut & Paste Labeling

There are two parts to this page. Cut out the parts of the bird then glue it in the correct spot. Kids can also color the picture.

Bird Prewriting

Prewriting is essential before a child can appropriately write letters. Prewriting also helps strengthen handwriting skills. This simple tracing activity will help children write a variety of lines while taking the bird to the birdhouse.

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This All About Birds Activity Pack is the perfect way to help kids learn important skills while having FUN! This is a great pack to use in conjunction with going bird watching or going to the zoo!

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