abc Christmas Lights

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Welcome to another lovely week of playful preschool!

This weeks theme is lights. With Christmas being so close I used this opportunity to bring my 5 year olds current love of all things Christmas into the learning area.

Remember, as always, you can find a lot more links to other activities on the weeks theme at the end of this post from the fabulous bloggers in the #playfulpreschool group.

To put together this activity you will need:

The free printable I designed.

note: the abc is all lowercase and used in a font for easy identification matching as my son is just starting to learn his abc.

Some stickers you are able to write on.

Extra bonus: A UV light that reflects off your stickers for further light enjoyment!

Alternative for more advanced learners is to write the capital letter alphabet on the stickers and match those up to their lowercase friends.

Now if you have a UV light (the one we have is pretty cheap!) you can actually SEE the lights glow in darkened room!

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