A to Z Compost Stew – Alphabet Search Activity

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From apple cores to zinnia heads, kids will learn 26 new ingredients to add to their compost pile. Author Mary McKenna Siddals linked up with illustrator Ashley Wolff to create a beautiful book detailing outdoor garden scenes with a number of happy kids working hard outdoors to cultivate their own organic garden, A to Z Compost Stew.

Having a compost pile is a great introduction for children to learn the importance and natural function of decomposition of organic materials. This practical method of recycling materials not only benefits your little learning but also your garden and local microbes.

This collection of ingredients comprises of a wide variety of ideas that are available through out the year, watch the changing seasons progress as you turn the pages. This can incite a participatory conversation with your little one about the changes of weather during the year.

Questions to Prompt Critical Thinking:

Which pages are similar to your environment, what pictures are different?

How do plants grow and/or change in the different seasons?

What role does water play in the garden? How does it affect the plants and compost?

Compost Stew gives simple direction for anyone to lean how to start a compost pile and what to include. Enjoy a fun hunt around your kitchen and yard for new ingredients to add to the pile!

Alphabet Search Activity

Follow along with the book and gather up as many A to Z items as you can! If you do not have the specific ingredient ask about other compostable things that start with the same letter.

This colorful book provides all the answers for kids and families looking for easy, child-friendly ways to start their own compost pile and enjoy gardening.

Finding success! Enjoy watching your A to Z collection decompose and return to nurture and nourish your garden.

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