7 Tips for Organizing School Supplies

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Are school supplies slowly taking over your space? Do you open a closet or drawer and an avalanche of pencils and pens come crashing? If you are an educator, you know that school supplies can quickly multiply and cause chaos and clutter. And because clutter and looking for the supplies you need can waste precious time, keeping those school supplies organized is so important! If you are looking for storage solutions, look below at 7 tips for organizing school supplies.

With just these few simple tips, you can get control of the ever-growing amount of supplies and put an end to the madness! Here is what you need to know.

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7 Tips for Organizing School Supplies

1. Before you begin, binge old and outdated supplies.
Before you even start organizing, take the time to go through ALL of your supplies and discard any that you no longer use, are broken, or just no longer functional to your goals. Clearing away these items will make for some instant space that you can use in a way that benefits you and your goals.

2. Consider creating mini centers.
Try dividing supplies up by category. You can create bins that have supplies specifically for math, reading, sensory play, grading, journaling, the list goes on. Clearly mark bins so you can easily grab and go these mini centers when you are tackling a certain subject.

3. Try over the door storage solutions.
People often under utilize the backs of their doors. This space is excellent for storing supplies. Use an over the door shoe holder with clear pockets to store pens, markers, pencils, erasers, mini staplers, rulers, calculators and more. The pockets will keep items separated and the clear front will help you grab and go fast.

4. Create kid friendly/accessible storage solutions.
One of the best ways to keep items organized is to get kids in on the fun. Clearly mark bins and boxes with labels (you can use picture labels if kids can’t read yet) so that kids can return items to where they found them. Demonstrate how to properly take and return items to their spaces so kids know what it expected of them.

5. The dollar store is your best friend.
The dollar store has TONS of storage solutions and for just a buck. Consider plastic shoe boxes with lids, bins, stick on wall hooks, even clothespins. These items can be used to store, hang, and display items in your classroom so you can make the most of every single inch you have to use.

6. Tackle the small objects.
It seems as though small supplies such as pins, tacks, stickers, manipulatives, counting objects, and things of that nature get cluttered and even lost fast. Keep small objects in labeled ziploc bags, then either clip the bags onto a fun clothesline or store them in file folders or shoe boxes. This way these items all stay in one contained place.

7. Practice regular maintenance.
Evaluate your supplies at the end of each week. Take the time to make sure everything is in its place and that items you can no longer use are discarded. This is also a good time to create new labels, so make sure you always have plenty on hand!

Are you ready to get those school supplies under control? Consider these tips on organizing school supplies and see what a difference they can make!

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