40+ Do-able Halloween Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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Halloween is another fun holiday for crafting. From ghosts, to spiders to mummies, to name a few popular Halloween themed crafts. Here are 40+ of my favorite Halloween crafts because it is do-able for the little ones too!

This Halloween stamping fun is great for all ages and a good activity for siblings to craft together.


Ghosts are synonym to Halloween. These ghost crafts look all like great fun.

Make this puffy ghost using puffy paint or use cookie cutters for printing.

Keepsakes like these footprint ghosts and this ghost keepsake is special to make this time of the year.

Decorate with a not-so-spooky ghosts garland or glue ghosts!

Ghost meringues are a fun idea for a Halloween party.

Or try this sponge painted ghost craft idea your toddler will enjoy!


Pumpkins is a must have for Halloween, whether you decorate it or just do pumpkin crafts.

This pumpkin art is just too pretty and these handmade pumpkin cards are just too special as well as a lovely pumpkin handprint & photo keepsake.

Pumpkin sun catchers are just as fun to make, oh and these funny face pumpkins too!

Add some science to your craft with this color mixing pumpkin craftSticker pumpkins are the most easy way to decorate pumpkins with toddlers.

Decorate your windows with pumpkin cling craft or give the backyard, patio or driveway some lights by making Jack-o-Lantern jars or plastic bottle lanterns.

Reuse egg cartons for this Jack-o-Lantern craft or print this  Jack-o-Lantern Cut & Paste activity.

Another fun craft- sponge painted pumpkin and use butternut squash to decorate for the season.


Bats are creepy and gross, perfect for Halloween. Make a toilet paper roll bat or use your hands for a bat handprint craft.

This bat silhouette craft using a feather duster looks like so much fun and pretend you are a bat flapping around with this bat headband.


Mummies– more creepy things! These yarn wrapped mummies are actually sweet and so are these toilet roll mummies. A clever way to make mummies- mummie envelopes.

And another great decorating idea is this super easy mummy garland.


Spiders, creepy crawlies all around. Make this 5 minute spider craft, quick and easy!

A craft that will sure please everyone is this spider craft using mini pumpkins.

For frugal crafting use this egg carton spiders or paper plate spider ideas.

Another fabulous handprint craft is this handprint spider, sweet! This easy spider craft is perfect for the littlies too.

Make a few of these popsicle sticks spider webs to hang all around as decoration.


Monsters could be scary, but we usually just make them friendly or silly, like these Friendly monster pencil cases.

These monster jars can also be used as lanterns, perfect for evenings.

Lastly, these tie dye coffee filter monsterspaper plate monsters and monster finger puppets all looks like super fun!

Lots and lots of do-able crafts for kids of all ages! Which ones will your kids enjoy?

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