30 Questions You Should Ask Yourself In The New Year

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The new year is almost here. It’s a good bonding experience to sit down together as a family, and reflect on the old year that’s coming to a close, as well as plan ahead for the new year. Taking some time to evaluate your year as a family or an individual is a valuable exercise!


  1. What were your favorite parts of, and experiences, this year?
  2. What did you not enjoy this year?
  3. Is there anything you did this year, that you’d love to do again?
  4. Which of your personal character traits came in handy this year?
  5. Who are you most thankful for?
  6. How did your relationships change this year?
  7. What was your favorite moment spent with siblings?
  8. What new thing did you discover about yourself?
  9. If you had to describe this year in 5 words, what would they be?
  10. What goal did you start preparations for?
  11. What thing that you worried a lot about, turned out okay?
  12. What was your favorite compliment that you received this year?
  13. What books or activities made you lose track of time?
  14. What 2 friends did you enjoy spending the most time with?
  15. What one thing would you do differently?
  16. What one thing are you most proud of yourself for?
  17. What did you try for the first time this year?
  18. What new habits did you start this year?
  19. What would you do differently if you could go back to January?
  20. Who had the most positive influence in your life this year?
  21. What extraordinary thing did you do this year?
  22. What small bits of routine did you enjoy most each day?
  23. What family moments did you enjoy most this year?
  24. What did you struggle with, and how did you solve it?
  25. What frustrated you this year?
  26. What do you wish you had done more of?
  27. What do you wish you had spent less time on?
  28. What important relationship grew the most?
  29. What important relationship suffered the most?
  30. What made you laugh the most this year?

These questions can be downloaded and printed here.

Answering these with your children can be an enlightening time as a family. If your children are too young to answer a lot of these, they can still learn from your answers, and you and your spouse can evaluate yourselves, as well as your family unit, and make plans for a better, more productive new year.

Take some time out this week to do these 30 questions together. And enjoy the rest of the year!

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