30+ Fine Motor Ideas that Encourage Number Learning

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When your child is at the age where they begin to learn numbers, it is always an exciting age. There are so many fun ways to help them  understand the concept of numbers and counting. Take a look at my top 30+ activities that encourage fine motor skills while helping to teach numbers!

These beautiful printable caterpillar counting cards are a lovely way to teach your child the numbers 11-20. Available in Spanish, French and English, print and laminate them for a lovely keepable activity your child will love reusing! 1-10 also available on the site.

Help your child build this lovely clock at home, and then make these adorable mice from clothespegs which your child can match to the clock numbers. A lovely craft for your child to do, while learning about numbers and time!

This creative super fine motor skills activity with mini pegs and glitter glued numbered popsicle sticks will give your child a creative way to match numbers with pegs. A great way to learn counting!

Help your child learn their numbers by showing them how to create each number from colorful pipe cleaners. A fun way to learn how to copy numbers, and a great fine motor skill as they bend and twist pipe cleaners into each number.

Make a fun learning set with jumbo foam numbers and clothes pegs, and let your child peg the correct amount of pegs onto each giant number.  A fun learning activity for busy little  hands.

Count with flower pipe cleaners and pom poms, and make this cute DIY counting set at home. Your child can match number cards to number flower cards, and get creative decorating each flower as they learn to count.

Your child will have fun learning to count with this cute number and paperclip chain preschool activity. Link the correct number of paperclips to each colorful, and have great fun learning to count.

Your child will love this homemade popsicle stick puzzle. Line them all up in a row, paint a picture on, and then shuffle, for a lot of rematching and ordering fun.

This cute dinosaur busy bag will have your child busy for ages. Create the dinosaur with simple crafts and paint, and then help your child learn to count by having them order numbered pegs ontop of the dinosaur.

Take a look at these 3 cute Dinosaur Counting Activities for kids, that will keep your child entertained while learning! An easy activity to make and play at home with some printouts and a muffin tin.

Help your child learn to count while you cook, with this fun Dry Eraser Marker on the Fridge activity. Your child can match up magnetic numbers to dry erase numbers and chat to you about it while you cook!

These 2 activities using Tally Marks for counting, will help your child learn larger numbers, while having tactile fun with craft sticks. The light table activity is especially popular with young children!

Try out this salt tray writing game with materials around the home. Your child can write the corresponding numbers from each card you show them. A great fine motor skill as well as good practice with pencil grip!

Learn to count with this simple but fun dot marker rainbow activity. Your child can count as they dot with colorful dot markers and easy to use printable number sheets. Learning how to count to 10 has never been this fun!

Have fun creating this cute felt apple busy bag, with apple seeds, and let your child learn to count as they decorate the apple with it’s seeds.  A cute busy bag which you can take with you anywhere!

This clothespin counting activity is a clever way to use mini clothespins to practice counting on craft sticks. Get creative and color them any way your child fancies, and then get counting!

Your child can learn to count while having fun with this cute counting busy bag. Use the free printable to make laminated shape cards, and then use numbered pegs to practice counting. A great activity to use while travelling!

Use acorns and muffin paper holders to practice counting, and play some counting games with your child. A simple fun activity to use in your garden on a lovely day.

Print this awesome apple tree with numbers and place holders, and let your child count to 10 with these cute plastic red and green apples. A lovely tactile fine motor skills activity which your child will love playing with. Place the apples in the tree and count as you do so!

Use acorns to play this cute acorn hats counting game. Roll the dice and balance the corresponding number of hats onto your acorn man. A very fun cute game that makes counting come to life as you play.

This cute activity counting apple seeds and placing them on an apple tree, will be a great hit with your child! A fun game which you can store in a flip file or envelope, for future use.

Learn to count with these stunning printable gingerbread men number cards. Place mini pompoms onto your men as you count, and laminate them for future playing!

Have some creative fun making these counting kites with your child. Use mini clothes pegs to count to the correct number with each number kite! Your child will love creating these and learning with them!

This giant dot to dot game will have your child learning counting in the correct order, while working large muscle groups which help develop fine motor skills.

Make an adorable counting hedgehog in this activity, which is great for fine motor skills as well as learning how to count! Use DAS Modelling material, some colorful craft sticks and some acrylic paints and your child will keep engrossed for ages giving this cute hedgehog his spikes!

Use tongs and tweezers for great fine motor skills development in this great snowball counting activity. Using a muffin pan and some pom poms, your child will have lots of fun with this snowball activity!

Use some beautiful fall leaves for this great counting activity. Your child can match up clothes pegs with numbered leaves and learn how to count while having fun outdoors!

Counting beads on pipe cleaners is a brilliant way to get your little one to learn to count, which having fine motor skill development and fun. Make this easily at home, and watch as your child learns to count while beading these numbered pipe cleaners.

Mould pipe cleaners into numbers, and add beads for a very clever counting activity, which is also great for fine motor development. A great combination of beading, creating numbers and learning to count!

Use things around the home to create this fun counting game with buttons and muffin cups, and let your child drop in the correct number of beads into each muffin cup in the muffin tray. A cute way to count with them as they learn, and a cheap craft!

Use clear plastic cups to make these 3 cup twisting fine motor games which your child will love. It involves a lot of hand eye coord as they move the cups to the correct places, and helps them to learn to count while having fun!

Make these gorgeous counting and color sort umbrellas, and give your child ages of counting fun as they glue counted buttons onto each numbered umbrella!

Use these cute gingerbread men for a counting activity! Get some colored beads together, cut out some gingerbread men, and help your child learn to count while having fun with this crafty activity. Great as a busy bag which you can take anywhere!

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