3 Game-changers That Will Improve Your Day

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Life with young children is hectic. Amidst the fun and laughter, it’s a whirlwind of noise, mess and busyness that is NON STOP. There are certain things that can make or break a day, that can drain you or energise you. What things do you set in place that improve your day and keep the non stop busyness manageable?

Here are my top 3:

Wake up earlier than the kids

Okay, you can stop laughing now. I know. This is a hard one. But getting up before they all do gives you that eerily awesome silence.. to think clear, long thoughts, speed through some housework/breakfast prep and get yourself ready for the day. This is infinitely better than trying to get showered and dressed at the same time as littlies, who are calling for help with tying their shoes, or finding a jacket, while you’re in the shower.
Waking up gives you that step ahead of everyone else, rather than playing ‘catch up’ after everyone when you wake up late.
Madness can be avoided by setting your alarm, and getting out of bed earlier than they do. You’ve done it, it rocks..  I know you know what I’m talking about!

Stick to a set QUIET HOUR each afternoon

This is surprisingly possible, even with young children. It requires a bit of relentless training and patience on your part, but children seem to actually enjoy the predictability of quiet hour, and of your enforcing it religiously. A week in, and you’ll get half an hour. Three weeks in, and you’ll get an hour, {with a push}. I make sure I get the busy stuff done beforehand, so that the quiet hour is a nice lull in the day, and each child has his/her activity they love getting into, in their own space.

Regroup for a quiet moment before bedtime

I find this so calming, totally mandatory for my sanity and a good way to avoid the overwhelm of the day following me into the night. Just a few minutes of calm, to slow down my thoughts, relax and breathe before I end the day, make a world of difference to my tension levels and my mindset when I wake up. I read a book for ten minutes, have a conversation with my husband and get my mind off kids, housework and social media. I think about the future, about the kids objectively, and make a few strategic notes. Getting some quiet time before bedtime makes a huge difference to my mindset!

What things make a world of difference in your day? I’d love to hear! Share in the comments below!

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