24 Gift Ideas for Homeschoolers

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Homeschool Gift Ideas don’t have to be boring, they can be fun, engaging and still elicit a squeal out of your child on Christmas morning! Here are 24 Homeschool Items that also work as great Christmas presents(sneaky huh?).

One of our favorite games is Scrambled States of America, not only is it a great learning game but it is really fun to play!

A microscope makes a great gift idea for a curious kid, be sure to find one that is right for their age/level.

If your child likes to read in bed at night,  in a blanket fort in the living room, or on camping trips a book light would be a great idea.


A Lapdesk is ideal for schoolwork on the couch of course but also holds pads for drawing, can be used in the car for work or play, and

Any kid that enjoys nature, nature walks, or just getting outdoors in general would love a good basic Field Guide.

Math Cubes can be used for so much more than just math manipulatives. My kids love to build with them, use them in sensory bins, and create fun patterns.

If you have been a homeschooler for any length of time likely you have already heard of Snap Circuits , if you are on the fence wonder no more! This set is amazing fun and kids can create so many different circuits with various outcomes. When you find out just how much you and the kids love them you can pick up expansion packs.

Fun and a great way to learn a new skill, Klutz Activity Books, make a great present in many different topics. Lego movies are just one of the fun things they cover and they always come with supplies.

What homeschool kid wouldn’t get excited about a box of beakers and other cool Science Supplies ? These ones are super fun for the younger set.

Educational movies like these Leapfrog videos are great for the preschool crowd and really make learning fun with relatable familiar characters. The videos build on skills learned in previous videos.

Sometimes technology can give your homeschool a fresh new perspective, a Kindle gives your child a new way to read books, watch educational videos, and play learning apps.

When you just can’t listen to one more book on tape, science video, or your child needs some help focusing on technology tasks Noise Cancelling Headphones can really save the day!

An LCD Writing Board is great for practicing handwriting and drawing for school or as a brain break tool.

Science Experiments are great for learning yes but kids also love to dive into hands on fun like this. In my house the messier the better!

A Handheld GPS is perfect for trekking through woods, paths, parks, and more places in search of geocaches. If you don’t know what it is look it up, it’s a great way to cover life skills, geography, P.E. and other subjects.

While these Magna Tiles are geared toward younger children, we have had ours for several years and they are still a toy that the kids return to time and again. I love items that have #1 an educational purpose and #2 a long play life.

The Amazon Echo is a handy tool to have in your classroom for asking questions, reordering supplies, and playing fun trivia games.

Every gift doesn’t have to have a specific educational purpose but I  love when they do! Kid’s see this amazing build your own fort kit but I see- a cozy nook for reading chapter books, a place for imagination to develop, and an opportunity to practice planning, engineering, cooperation, and following directions.

Legos are always a great idea, these architectural Legos are a great way to introduce your child to landmarks from around the globe.

Cover at least one of your electives for the year with an art kit that encourages your child’s creativity.

Art Easel’s are great for games of pictionary, practicing spelling words, or for drawing masterpieces.

Cooking Utensils are fun and practical for budding chefs and learning some basic life skills.

Technology is so hot now and so much a part of our lives that anything that has to do with Robotics/Coding is much in demand with our kiddos.

Ahh…Musical Instruments… both a blessing and curse right moms?  Get your littles started on the road to musical creativity, rhythm, and playtime with a set.

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