22 Cool Science Experiments for Kids

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Almost every kid I know loves a cool experiment – something that explodes, is full of color,  that can spin or bubble over or disappear. There are so many awesome things that you can do with stuff around the home to show them how science works!

Take a look at these awesome science experiment ideas you can do at home with your kids!

One Time Through shows how to make Fireworks In A Jar

Make a Light Box with colored bottles and do this fun lesson in light refraction at True Aim Education

This paperclip gravity experiment from Buggy and Buddy is great!

DanyaBanya has glowing slime your kids will love!

This rainbow paper by The Science Kiddo is stunning

Learning 2 Walk’s Disappearing Rainbow Colors will amaze your kids!

Learn how to make a Hovercraft over at The Pleasantest Thing

Surprise color fizzes!

Learn how to grow gorgeous crystal flowers over at DanyaBanya

Your kids will go crazy over these fizzing water color paints by Mini Monets and Mommies

Make a cool water wheel from IGameMom

Buggy and Buddy has these fun balancing robots your kids can make

Make rain in a jar over at I can teach my child.

Buggy and Buddy  has this fun prism experiment

East Coast Mommy has this pretty Coloring Carnations experiment

Head over to Physics Central and learn how to make your own rainbow!

Learn Play Imagine shows how to make a spark/lightning. Very fun!

Make an explosive Wreck-It-Ralph inspired Mentos Geyser by East Coast Mommy

This exploding sandwich bag experiment by Come Together Kids is great fun!

Left Brain Craft Brain has this fun Color Changing Chemistry Clock

Take a look at this Magic Pepper Trick over at The Pleasantest Thing

This Orange Science Experiment at The Pleasantest Thing is a great experiment with buoyancy!

I know your kids will have hours of fun trying these fun Science experiments! Enquiring minds will just love these. Have fun!

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