20 Ways to Use Math Cubes

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I love the versatility of math cubes as a manipulative. They give kids the opportunity to see math in a more concrete perspective, practice with fine motor skills, patterning, sorting, counting, skip counting, addition, subtraction, and so much more.  

They are a must have tool in your school arsenal and I have rounded up 20 Ways to Use Math Cubes.

20 Ways to Use Math Cubes

Printable Math Activities Here you will find printables for 1-10 and 11-20 that can be used along with the unifix math cubes to practice your child’s math skills.

Snap Cube Number and Pattern Cards– These very colorful printables will catch your child’s attention and keep them interested in learning to recognize and form numbers.

Making Math Fun with Unifix Cubes Homegrown Learners uses unifix cubes along with flashcards to create a hands on activity that is engaging and makes the simple math stick.

Colorful Addition for Kindergarteners combines colorful unifix cubes and dominoes to practice counting and number matching.

Introduce little minds to the concept of More, Less, Same with math cubes- match, compare, and contrast the numbers.

Toddlers and young preschoolers can use Color Pattern Cards to learn simple pattern concepts, an important early math lesson.

Once they have mastered sorting  Graphing With Preschoolers gives them an early peek into analysis of data and probability in simple form.

A fun way to create a clock and learn time is the Telling Time is Easy Peasy activity from Teaching Special Thinkers.

Use Number Mats to not only create numbers but also count them off, write the number, and use a ten frame.

Turn learning into a fun game with Race to 20 to teach numbers in an interesting and engaging way.

The options  are limitless with these Addition Grab Bags that use math cubes to create grab bags with lots of addition activities for practice.

Cute Apple Cube Printables are ideal for an apple unit as busy work or independent learning. Preschoolers use cubes to build an apple tree, an apple and the letter A.

Build it  Addition I personally used this with my son in First Grade as busy work when I was preparing other parts to his lesson and he loved this activity! Just print, laminate, and set out with some math cubes.

Linking Cube Math Centers give options for color sorting, adding on, number matching, and number writing practice.

Measuring Your Hands and Feet is a great introduction to length and width as your child uses blocks to measure the outline of their hands and feet.

I love how the mats in this Number Sense Stacking Activity give children to practice building numbers from different number representations like tally marks, 10 frames, and dice.

Use your unifix cubes for something other than math, a little imagination can turn white cubes into a Dental Health Unifix Cube activity.

This Unifix Cube Spelling Center shows that they aren’t just for math. They can be used to learn cvc, sight, and spelling words as well.

Use your math scale to practice Weighing With Unifix Cubes, try to make both sides even, one heavier, etc…

Practicing skip counting becomes more concrete when you use a hands-on approach with unifix cubes.

Grab a set of Math Cubes to put all these great activities to use!

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