20+ Ways to Play and Learn with Cellophane

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There’s something magical about cellophane; it comes in such lovely colors and is still clear. There are so many beautiful activities and crafts you can use cellophane for. Take a look at these fave ways to play and learn with cellophane.

20+ Ways to Play and Learn with Cellophane

Make these cellophane color paddles from primary colors, and help your child learn about color mixing with this clever activity!

Your child will have fun for hours decorating your window with this fun stained glass window project. Paint the glass with soapy water, and create with a variety of cellophane shapes.

Pick a theme of your child’s liking, cut out shapes for it, and your child can make this fun colorful window cling art project. There’s something so exciting and magical about the light shining through all the different colors in the window art!

Cut out a variety of shapes and colors of cellophane, and your child can make this beautiful, colorful cellophane sticky art collage. Great for learning colors and shapes, and a fab fine motor skills activity!

Your child will love making this beautiful 3D stained glass house out of cellophane and plastic containers. It’s a lovely craft activity and a decorative craft to keep once made!

Use a sticky contact canvas on a window to create this lovely cellophane sticky art project. Your child can learn about shapes and colors while carefully sticking each piece onto the canvas.

Make these stunning butterfly suncatchers with cellophane and black paper, and then watch them dance and shine in the sunlight. A favorite with little crafty kids!

Use leftover bits of cellophane to brighten up an old window with this gorgeous rainbow window art activity. A great way to keep kids busy if it’s cold or rainy outside!

Help your little ones learn their shapes by making cellophane window shapes. A cute and different way to help them learn!

Make these vibrant colorful sparkler fireworks with this clever craft using cellophane, foil and straws. A fun toy to make and keep!

This is an awesome snowflake stained glass window activity to make on your window. Cut out snowflake shapes and let your child create this lovely snowflake collage!

Use colorful cellophane and pipe cleaners to make these fun pipe cleaner glasses for little ones.

Cut out triangles with different color cellophane sheets, stick onto contact sticky paper and make this lovely wooden framed collage. A lovely keepsake once finished, which can be hung anywhere!

Make a mini stained glass window using colorful cellophane shapes, contact paper and a DIY wooden frame. An easy-to-make activity with crafts around the house.

Your toddler will love this cellophane color sorting activity! Use a few different frames on  your wall for each color, and let your child sort colored cellophane shapes into the right colored frames.

Use cardboard paper rolls, elastic bands and cellophane to make some fun colored glasses. Your child can walk around looking at the world in each color!

For a garden themed craft, try this fall craft with different colored leaves and flowers. Use the correct ratio of soap to water, and it will stick on your window for a long time as a beautiful, colorful masterpiece.

Your child will adore these beautiful dragonflies made from cellophane, pipe cleaners and craft sticks/wooden spoons. A lovely fine motor skill to make, and a fun toy afterwards.

This project can be made using cellophane strips; create something similar to this water color activity with vibrant cellophane colors.

Your child will absolutely adore this toddler-sized stained glass house, made with different colored cellophane walls.

Teach your child how blue and yellow mix by making this simple little blue, little yellow activity with blue and yellow cellophane.

Make sweet wrapper flowers in this cute activity for leftover sweet wrappers; also a fine motor skills activity for little fingers!

Use colorful cellophane and plastic sleeves to make a range of colorful circles that your child can stick onto a sunlit window. The sun-made colored circles on the floor will give your child ages of dancing fun. A lovely effect for sunny days!

Print these multiplication cards for your third or fourth grade child, and make these really clever code breaker multiplication cards which can only be ‘decoded’ using a cellophane detective looking glass.

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