20+ Uses for Foam Letters

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Foam letters are so very fun to play with. They’re soft and hardy and can be put in almost any learning activity you can imagine! Use them to teach your child letter recognition and spelling in a way they will find fun and creative. Here are my top 20+ ways to use foam letters in awesome activities so that your child will love learning!

20+ Foam Letter Fun Ideas:

This sensory activity with foam letters and colored rice will keep your little one entertained while learning for hours.

Your child can learn to spell their name using alphabet letters on a cute DIY train.

Make these clever foam letter stamps and give your child ages of printing, spelling fun!

Let your child make these awesome letter ice boats and learn letter recognition while they play with these fun sensory boats.

Use superhero toys to make learning fun, and help your child learn letter recognition while his superhero finds each letter you ask for.

Use foam stickers to create these lovely name puzzles which you can photocopy for keeps!

Your child can learn their letters and letter sounds with these clever letter sound rings which you can make at home! A lovely way to learn a sound and practice it throughout the day.

Make learning upper and lowercase letters fun using this crafty foam sticker letter match activity. Your child will love finding and matching letters!

These literacy activities using foam letters will keep your child busy for ages, while having fun matching letters to letter cards, making name tags, and more!

Your children will love bathing when they play with this frozen word hunt activity!

If you’re looking for a clever DIY activity to make at home, use a box and make this fine motor letter matching activity. Use craft sticks and foam letters to make a super letter match game.

Search for letters in a beautiful alphabet discovery bottle, and help your kids find each letter you call out.

For 7 fantastic literacy games and activities, take a look at this post which includes musical ABCs, I spy – alphabet edition, alphabet hunts, and letter fishing.

Get your kids exploring for letters in this awesome ABC kids’ treasure hunt, where kids use a map to find letters hidden everywhere.

For kids who love smashing things after they’re built, try out this really fun cloud dough letter  smash game. Kids will have fun making and breaking each letter as they learn.

Car lovers will love this alphabet road game where one gets to ride a toy car along the foam letter road while learning!

Get creative with straws and make ABC straw fun busy bags; make an alphabet mat to match your straws on, or make an alphabet bracelet with a pipe cleaner!

For times when you need a quiet book for your little one, make these beautiful letter-packed quiet book pages. With some cardstock, velcro, felt and foam letters, your child will have ages of quiet fun playing with these!

Use craft foam to make amazing masterpieces for bath time, which your kids can use to learn their letters on.

For some free time, give your child an A-Z sticker book busy bag which will keep them learning for ages!

If your child loves stickers, they’ll love this letter matching sticker activity, with a printable a-d mat!

What fun ways do you teach your child, using foam letters? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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