20 Must Have Essential Oil Gift Ideas

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If you have someone in your life who is an avid essential oil user or someone just diving into wonderfully beneficial world of essential oils you may be looking for some things to compliment and enhance the oils themselves… well, have I got a list for you!

These 20 items are must-haves to use along with your essential oil collection.

20 Must have Gift Ideas For The Essential Oil Lover

Great go-to essential oil blend recipes are a must, and you will quickly learn which ones work the best for your family, how to use them the best way, favorite methods of delivery,etc. Pick up a copy of My Essential Oil Recipes , it’s a blank book to keep track of your favorite oil recipes and more.  

Once their essential oil collection really starts building up a large essential oil case is a must have item. This pretty wooden one makes it easy to access all your favorites.

Then for on the go use, sharing, classes etc… a portable essential oil  bag should be next on the list.

One of the first basics to pick up after you start an essential oil collection is a pretty humidifier/diffuser to dispense your favorite oils into the air.

An essential oil Bottle opener is a practical gift  or stocking stuffer that you might not think of but it really comes in handy when you need to easily remove the single drop top dispenser or roller balls off of bottles.

Tools for filling your essential oil blend bottles help keep wasted down and make it easier to create your own blends.Funnels & pipettes are a must for masters or new essential oil mixers.

For the person that likes to create their own blends or add a single oil to a carrier oil Essential Oil Bottle Labels are a necessity.

Roller bottles are an important basic part of a great essential oil collection. They make blends so easy to apply and are great for gift giving.

Sometimes and oil is best rolled on and other times it is best used in a spray bottle so make them a part of your essential oil holiday shopping list.

Pump bottles  are great for diy essential oil soaps, shampoos, lotions, and more. You will want to keep some on  hand.

A great carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil will quickly become an essential part of anyone essential oil kit.

If someone is really pulled into all the wonderful benefits that essential oils can bring then they will naturally want to put them into everything they can, Like soap, add some pretty  soap molds to an essential oil gift basket too!

Take your oils on the go with a car diffuser, great for anxiety, helping with congestion, calming for kids, or other uses.

Then there are some great wearable essential oil options…

Inhaling your favorite womens blend or decongestant blend is as easy as pie with a pretty Necklace that serves a purpose.

Brag about your Essential oil skills with a witty T-Shirt that lets everyone know that you really know your oils.

Fashionable and functional an essential oil bracelet  lets you get the benefits of your favorite single oil or blend all the time.

Essential oils can help calm kids, sharpen focus and so much more, so don’t leave them out, grab a Kids essential oil diffuser bracelet for someone on your shopping list.

Show everyone how you really feel about your essential oils with a clever and pretty essential oil coffee mug.

Once someone learns how useful essential oils are for everything they want to carry them with them at all times. A essential oil keychain that holds a couple drams can be a lifesaver!

Even pets can enjoy the benefits of essential oils in everything from calming them during storms to deterring fleas.  Attach this pretty essential oil aromatherapy charm to your pet’s collar to let them reap the oily benefits too!

More awesome Essential oil resources.

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