20+ Fine Motor Ideas that Encourage Shape Learning

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There are so many fun ways to help teach your child about shapes. They’re at an age where they are full of creativity and love learning through play.

Take a look at my 20+ fun ways to learn about shapes:

Your child will love building different shapes and objects with these clever velcro dot craft sticks. Take a few minutes to make them, and then sit back and watch your child go crazy over these fun craft sticks that stick to each other to create…well, anything!

Buy a tub of these colored shape links and make your own sequencing cards. Your child will learn how to match shapes and colors, as well as have hours of endless fun linking these shapes and making designs. Store them in a Mr Men tin if your child loves that theme, and you have a wonderful reusable activity!

Help your child design and cut felt circles in different colors, and then set them free to explore their range of colored and different shaped circles and build as they wish. A fun fine motor skill activity as well as a color and shape learning activity!

This window shapes matching activity is a great way to practice learning shapes and colors while having messy play fun. Help cut out the shapes, and then write on the window and let your child match up the shapes with yours.

This Guess The shape activity is a good way to test your child’s knowledge of shapes by recognizing only half a shape at a time. It’s also good cutting practice, as he/she has to cut the folded shape paper and unfold it to show the whole shape.

Your child can learn shapes with this clever and fun toy car activity. Help build roads in different shapes, and then discuss the shapes of the roads and colors of the cars as your child plays.

Your child can practice cutting, painting and working with shapes with this awesome paper plate shapes yarn activity. A great activity for some messy play and creativity while learning.

Try this fine motor skills activity with push pins, and your child can  practice pincer grip, develop hand-eye co-ordination and build finger strength while learning their shapes.

Practice making shapes with gorgeous colorful feathers and learn about shapes while studying how many feathers are needed for each shape’s edge, how many feathers are needed to fill a shape, and group same-color feathers together.

Make these shapes busy bags and your child can learn about shapes, colors and counting while on the go! A great activity with free printable, to help your child practice pincer grip while learning about colors!

Make some shape sheets and let your child search in magazines for matching shapes. A clever activity that helps your child practice cutting skills while using critical thinking and observation skills to fill each shape page with pictures!

Use pipe cleaners and make shapes that your child can bead on, with colored dyed pasta pieces. Your child will love making these colorful necklace pieces!

Get some great ideas from this shape activity using clothespins, and show your child how to make shapes while your child learns! A great fine motor skill activity.

Your child can learn about shapes in a great tactile way with these shape sheets and playdough. Mould shapes out of playdough and place them over the shapes on  your shape sheet, for a great collection of self rolled shapes!

Create monster cards from your child’s art by helping them cut and paste a range of different colored shapes onto a sheet of paper. Add googley eyes and cut out into a monster shape, for a cute keepsake.

Give your child hours of creative fun with this printable shape and pattern activity. Use textured and colored paper to cut out different shapes, cut them in halves and let your child explore shapes while building and piecing them together.

Your child can have loads of shape building fun with these clever magnetic popsicle sticks, which  you can make at home. Build a variety of shapes and objects while learning about shapes!

Use shape buttons and a sorting tray, along with this free printable, to help your child learn all about shapes while matching them together.

Buy some wooden circles, and make this cheap and easy shape sorting activity with shapes and an ice tray. It’s a fun activity which you can keep and reuse over and over.

Make this stunning collection of different size shapes, laminate them and stick velcro at the back of each shape to make this fun shape matching activity your child will love playing with.

Make this amazing geo board at home with push pins and loom bands, and let your child create shapes. A great activity giving hours of fun while creating shapes, and strengthening finger muscles.

This gorgeous Light Bright Geoboard is a stunning activity to create for your kids. Using a light bright tabletop and light bright pegs, your child can use rubber bands to make different shapes on this captivating board!

Your child can have some tracing fun, practicing working carefully with a pencil or pen, while making a truck from shapes, and then tracing around each shape, creating a truck picture he can color in.

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