20+ Fine Motor Ideas that Encourage Letter Learning

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Your child will love this collection of activities which encourage letter learning. A lot of activities can be made at home, with materials you have lying around! Take a look at my top 20+ activities for kids to learn the alphabet!

Your child can learn all about letters with this fun tactile Playdough and Alphabet activity using magnetic letters and playdough. Piece together short words if you like too, and learn how to sound out short words!

Practice writing letters with this clever Q tip erase activity, where your child has to erase each letter she practices writing over. A clever way to learn how to write letters. There’s something about erasing that kids love!

Have some sensory fun with this colored rice tub and ABC activity. Get some foam letters, hide them in the rice and have your child dig for each letter, to complete the foam mat puzzle.

Create letters with pegs, with this fantastic Alphabet dice letter formation fine motor activity. With a letter dice and a peg board, your child can have hours of fun creating each letter that is rolled on the dice!

Your child can have fun with this foam sticker letter match, and match upper and lower case letters together, while creating a lovely poster they can keep!

Use a wipeable alphabet book and some toy bears, and make this cute alphabet formation compare bears activity for your child. A cute way to practice the formation of letter with small toys!

Use some colorful paper and make these beautiful printable Alphabet lacing cards to help teach your child the alphabet. Lacing is a fun way to improve eye hand coord as well as fine motor skills.

Make a sticky letters busy bag for your child, and learn the alphabet on the go. All you need is a protective sheet to write on, a khoki and some sticky letters, and you are all set to learn your alphabet!

Practice writing your name while learning letters, and having some messy play fun with this great activity. Use paints, sponges, pegs and a toy dinosaur as a stamp for some great fine motor skill fun!

Use some ABC flash cards and a spider writing tray to make this activity, which is great for practicing letter formation, with a fun spider theme! Your child can copy each letter from the alphabet cards, and write it in the salt.

Use bottle caps lying around your home to make this clever bottle cap name recognition stamping activity, and help your child learn the letters of his/her name, and stamp it in correct letter order!

Use a simple baking tray and some dry erase markers to make this simple, fun magnetic letter matching activity for your child. It’s a great way for your child to recognise and  match letters together.

Your child can have fun with this ice cream and sprinkles alphabet writing practice set, which you can easily make at home! What better fun than to write letters in sprinkles, with a cute ice cream theme on your cards!

This alphabet water sensory game is a win! Your child can play the game in 2 versions, and it’s a great fine motor activity as you use a variety of fine motor tools to catch your letters!

Your child can learn to write their name with this fun snowball name fine motor literacy activity. Use ring reinforcement stickers to write each letter of his/her name.

Use these Montessori style letters and create aluminium foil letters. Your child will love this activity, as it is hands on and uses fun different materials.

Try this fine motor dot sticker letter learning and name recognition activity which little ones will love – stick stickers along the letters in each name, and see as your child’s name appears in stickers!

Practice using finger strength in different degrees with this fun blowing pom poms activity, where your child has to blow air from a bottle to touch the letters you call out.

Your child can create his/her name using a range of fun materials in this sensory name recognition activity. Use a hot glue gun, paints and foil to create an amazing name masterpiece.

Grab these alphabet printables, and do this great ABC Worksheets for preschoolers activity, where they can stamp alphabet letter stamps inside each letter. A great activity to learn the difference between upper and lowercase letters while having some messy play.

Make a beautiful ABC Yarn book which you can keep for future learning, with some black board, glue and yarn. A great hands-on activity which your child will love!

Your child will love this movable alphabet sensory bag, which is made really easily with clear hair gel, a freezer bag and some plastic alphabet pieces.

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