20+ Awesome LEGO Batman Birthday Party Ideas

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Do your kids love all things LEGO Batman? If so, your little super heroes are going to have such fun with these LEGO Batman birthday party ideas. All of the Caped Crusader’s friends will have fun fighting crime while celebrating his (or her!) birthday in style.

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Fun Treats for a LEGO Batman Birthday Party

Make some homemade LEGO gummies for the Dark Knight and the other heroes celebrating at the birthday party. After a day of fighting crime, who wouldn’t need a little sweet treat?

The kids can take a break from walking the streets of Gotham to have a drink in their DIY Batman cups.

For something deliciously sweet to serve the kids, these Batman Oreos would be perfect! The birthday girl/boy might even want to help make them before the party.

These easy LEGO brownies would be fun to make for the party, too. Since they’re so simple to make, the kids could even help decorate them at the party.

If you’re a cake making aficionado, this epic LEGO Batman cake would surely be a hit with everyone.

If cupcakes are more your speed, grab these free printable Batman symbol liners. They’re still in keeping with the LEGO Batman birthday party theme, but on a much simpler scale.

LEGO head marshmallow pops are another treat idea to consider. Add a chocolate mask to make them look more like Batman and you’re good to go.

LEGO Batman Birthday Party Activities and Games

Put together some DIY LEGO Batman balloons to decorate for the party.

Make a Batman version of these no sew superhero capes. The kids can get into character when they arrive for the party.

Each Batman or Robin can make a set of wrist cuffs to wear during the party, too. These can be made ahead of time if that’s easier.

Print out the free cards for a LEGO Batman bingo game the kids can play together.

Batman and Robin masks are a must for all of the kids at the birthday party. You can make the masks ahead of time, or super crafty children might want to make them at the party.

During the birthday party, kids can grab their LEGO minifigures and play with some colorful Batman play dough. Once the party’s over, it makes a nice little gift for the guests to take home.

The superheroes can fight against Batman’s nemesis The Joker, with this DIY Joker Pinata.

Go outside and have some LEGO car races with the kids. Be sure to have a lot of black LEGO bricks on hand so the kids can make mini Batmobiles.

The kids can make night lights of their favorite LEGO Batman characters during the party. There’s even a free printable to help with designing the faces.

Grab a printable version of “put the bat on Batman” for the children to play!

Guests can spend some time designing their own LEGO Batman minifigures with papers and markers during the festivities.

Set up an obstacle course for all of the Batmans-in-training!

Make and play with shadow puppets, and let each child make up their own Batman stories during the party.

These free printable finger puppets of the cast of LEGO Batman would be another fun idea for the kids.

Party Favors for LEGO Batman Birthday Party Guests

Make your own treat bags to send home with all of the party guests. Be sure to include some surprises fit for masked heroes.

These Batman signal flashlights would make a wonderful gift for guests to take home. You could also use them during the birthday party for flashlight tag.

Make bars of Lego Batman soap ahead of time so kids can take them home after the party. These are great if you’re looking for non-food things to send home with your guests.

Dynamite party favors will definitely bring a smile to the kids’ faces when they dig into their treat bags!

Are you going to throw the kids a LEGO Batman birthday party anytime soon? What are some ideas you have planned for that party?

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