Amazing 2 Ingredient Homemade Edible Play Dough

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One of my kids favorite activities is getting their hands on playdough, especially the edible kind. I love how it keeps them busy for an hour or more and the fact that it gives their hands a good workout to build fine motor skills.

Homemade Edible Playdough

The best part of this recipe is that it takes just 2 ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry.  Add any tools you have on hand from your playdough stock or from the kitchen and your kids will be excited to jump hands and mouth first into this playdough.

You will need:

  • Canned frosting
  • Powdered sugar
  • Optional: food coloring

We started with 6 cups of powdered sugar in a large bowl. This makes a pretty big batch but we wanted enough for several kids to play with, you can easily half it for 1 or 2 children.

Add 2 cups of frosting to the bowl of powdered sugar, we used strawberry which had a great flavor and was already colored. If you use a white frosting you can add food coloring in the shade of your choice to color it however you want.

Mix frosting and powdered sugar with a spatula until it won’t mix anymore, this helps keep your hands clean as long as possible. You can also mix it in your big stand mixer but for me its not worth dirtying it up.

When it is mostly combined you will need to get in there with your hands and knead it well, getting all the little powdery bits out of the bowl. If it still feels sticky to your hands add a bit more powdered sugar until it is smooth and silky.

To store place in a zippered bag in the refrigerator, we usually keep it for about a week or so before it begins to dry out, you can freshen it up by add a bit of coconut oil. To use : just remove from the fridge and allow it to soften a bit, warm hands will quicken the process.

Kids love the dough feel as the knead and shape as well as the yummy flavor.

This dough works well for rolling , shaping , and cutting with cookie cutters. To get it to release from molds easily you will want to make it a little drier by adding more powdered sugar otherwise it doesn’t remove well.

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