18+ Magnetic Activities on a Vertical Surface

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There’s something so fun about working and playing with magnets. Add a vertical surface to that and kids will go crazy over playing with magnets as they see them working against gravity. It’s a great lesson in science as they play.


Here are over 18 awesome magnet play ideas that we love!

Magnetic pompoms are a fun way to play in the kitchen while Mom’s cooking.

Make some colourful magnetic tangrams and get your brain working wherever you are.

Learn about word families with magnetic alphabet letters and help your child learn to read.

Design pretty pictures with magnetic craft stick art for kids!

Your child will love dressing this magnetic printable pioneer dressup doll!

There are so many ways to play with letters that are magnetic! Look at these games.

Teach your child about constellations and practice with these glow in the dark star magnets.

Play this fun find the magnetic letter game in this sensory bin.

Make this fun counting magnetic rocket puzzle out of foam.

Dig for magnetic numbers in this construction site sensory bin.

Explore kinetic energy with this magnetic marble run for your fridge.

Connect the dots with this fun activity, and learn your alphabet as you play.

Have fun with color while making a magnetic letter rainbow!

Download and make this cute Jack and the Beanstalk storytelling activity.

Make a DIY magnet board with a huge oil drip pan like this mom did!

Take a look at a whole lot of great ideas on how to teach kids letters.

Your toddler will love these color sorting magnetic wall boards.

This color sorting printable is a great activity for small kids learning their colors!

Use these items on your magnetic board to enhance play!

Grab this awesome canister of 72 magnetic letters and numbers!

Buy this gorgeous wooden magnet play set and match characters together.

Match these jungle animals to their halves with this cute 12-animal wooden pack.

This magnetic dry erase board in a box, with 100 piece puzzle cards, is a great toy box!

Have great fun with giant magnetic letters!

Try this Melissa And Doug Human Anatomy play set with 24 magnetic pieces and storage tray.

This Melissa and Doug Magnetic Dress Up Julia doll set has 8 different outfits and 25+ pieces.

Play on the fridge with this LeapFrog phonics magnetic letter set.

Use 24 magnetic pieces to make these 8 crazy animals with this Djeco set.

This tub contains 60 foam magnet objects for littles to play with.

Use these self adhesive magnets to make your items magnetic!

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