10 Easy Busy Bags to Make and Keep Kids Busy

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I love busy bags to provide a quick activity for the kids. In our house I often use busy bags as transition activities between one set of activities and another.

Busy bags are also super for when you just want to chop some vegetables for dinner without being bugged by little kids that want you to play dolls, help build the next lego creation or have a tea party. (don’t get me wrong doing such things is awesome, but a time and place for everything!)

These next 10 busy bags are super easy to make yourself and are great to just pull out at any time.

Most of these ideas are perfect for toddler and preschool age. Some children are able to complete bags super fast (which means it time to move to another) and others will find a challenge (which is awesome!) The main idea behind a busy bag is to engage independently. I however use these within distance of me seeing what they are doing to avoid kids breaking or loosing parts or for that matter fighting over the items!

Here is my quick video of the busy bags in USE!

I love to shoot demonstration videos of busy bag collections. As you can see my 3 year old is an avid helper!

I use these zipper bags. Pack of 5 / pack of 24 and these metal rings to keep them together.

 OMURA Pencil Pouch (Neon)pack 6

Easy Shape & Pattern Activity

Shapes, Counting and Colors

Counting Caterpillar 1-20

P is for Paperclip

Velcro Dot Craft Sticks

Match & Count Number Cards 1-10

Tiny Pom Pom Fine Motor Skills

1-20 Counting and Tracing Numbers

Hat Matching Printable Cards



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