1-10 Counting and Tracing Numbers (Now with 11-20 Extension!)

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My one Son LOVES his numbers and one day while I was making a new quiet book he took the number pages I had been using and lined them up. I thought this was a brilliant idea and that afternoon made this printable set for him.

I added the bugs to give the numbers an image to count so 3 bugs on the three is three.

He loves to line them up in the correct order.

The bugs are also arranged in a tracing compatible way. My daughter can practice her number writing by connecting the bugs to write the numbers.

Download the Number set here, Print out, cut and laminate for long term usage. Use dry erase markers to write on the laminated numbers.

Many thanks to reader Emily for the suggestion to extend this activity by adding an extra 1!! Download the 11-20 extension number set here.

Take a look at this quick in action video!

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